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Praise for Bilingual by Choice

"NABE recommends Bilingual  by  Choice because it is aligned with our mission to mobilize parents and communities to support the education of bilingual and English language learners." 

Rossana Ramirez-Boyd, former Vice President of the National Association for Bilingual Education

"An amazing book - exactly what countless parents in our globalizing world have been looking for! As more and more bicultural and bilingual families form, the issues Virginie Raguenaud addresses become  increasingly urgent. Not only does she dispel common anxiety-producing myths, but she also gives clear, practical ways for how parents can help develop fluency in each heritage language."

Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing up among worlds

Virginie Raguenaud is bilingual choice and wants her children to be so too. Bravo, Virginie, for showing us the way to helping our children retain their language heritage as they grow."

Joshua A. Fishman, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Yeshiva University and Stanford University

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