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Virginie Raguenaud is a published author of two nonfiction books and several feature articles with a passion for exploring the relationship between language, culture, and our ever-developing identity. Her writing is inspired by her love for travel and the experiences she has gained from immersing herself in different cultures. Through her work, she aims to inspire readers to embrace their own journeys of growing up bilingual and bicultural.

Safe Travels

Whether she is writing fiction or nonfiction, Virginie brings a unique perspective to her work that is informed by her 25+ relocations and her travels in 21 countries on four different continents. 

Virginie currently teaches English as a Second Language at an elementary school in New Hampshire. She also offers French lessons online to children and adults. Her firsthand experience with both sides of the growing-up-bilingual journey, as a child and as a parent to twin girls, helps her connect with her students and their families as they learn a new language and integrate into a new culture.

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